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Welcome to Vin & Colonialen

The story.

When searching for the right name for the place, we found out that 120 years ago, on this spot there was a deli shop with wine - VinColonialforretning. It was obvious that all this history and heritage could not stay without our attention. This is how VinColonialen was born - a French inspired aperitif bar with charcuterie and wine.

Why French?

French culture is famous for its quality and traditions. It has also been a pioneer in improving old flavours, techniques and establishing a new level of quality.  We believe it matches perfectly with our approach to what we do.

What we serve? 

Classic French wine, craft V&C bottled cocktails - classic recipes with French ingredients and history, French and local beer, charcuterie and freshly-roasted coffee.

V&C bottled cocktails.

This product is an essence of the whole experience our team has gained around the world through the years. We bring you the best possible way of enjoying classic cocktails - traditional spirits, natural ingredients, consistent flavour and classy presentation. Drinking cocktails - it will never be the same. 

Signed by Aleksandrs & Edwin 

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Catering & Private Events  

At Vin & Colonialen, we offer private events and catering's for small and large groups. Please do not hesitate to make contact and we are sure to accommodate you.

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Weekly activities

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